In Search of Flavours

There are lands which are just a little more special than many others. The Food Valley is one of these. Just minutes from Salsomaggiore you have the opportunity to discover some of the most renowned places in the world for their food production: Parma Prosciutto Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello Salami and Felino Salami.

In Search of Prosciutto and the Colli di Parma Wine

It all starts in Langhirano, the country of Parma Prosciutto Ham. It is here, every September, that the salami par excellence of the province is the protagonist of the festival bearing the same name. And again it is here, in Langhirano and its surrounds, where Parma Prosciutto Ham is created and matured. Along with this sweetness, Prosciutto offers you a journey through green valleys and vast crops, castles and hills full of vines from the vineyards of the Colli di Parma – of which Malvasia and Sauvignon are the kings.
Prosciutto and wine, of course, but not only. You cannot say that you have travelled to the Food Valley without sampling at least a sliver of Parmigiano Reggiano, Felino Salami and the Fragno Black Truffle.

Food Museums

If you love the culture of good food, here is the right itinerary for your vacation. There are four food museums, all in the province of Parma. Each one will tell you about a different product and its story. You can start in the Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano (tel. 0524 596129). You will find it in the village of Soragna, in an ancient stone building in the shadow of the Meli Lupi Citadel: between tastings, tools and vintage photos discover how the real DOP quality cheese is made. The Museum of Prosciutto di Parma (tel. 0521 864324) is in Langhirano, where the Marino wind descends, the gusts from the sea which come to scent the air of the Val Parma.
From the Parma pork butcher tradition, Felino Salami has been created. The village of the same name, a few kilometres from Parma, has opened a museum dedicated to this salami (tel. 0521 831809), housed in the setting of the Castle of Felino.
The last stop is the Tomato Museum (tel. 333 2362839), in the Corte di Giarola, near Collecchio. The tomato is the red gold of Parma: cultivated throughout the province and is exported worldwide.

In search of Culatello Salami

Culatello is the king of salami. Its origins lie in the Parma lowlands, that part of the province that descends slowly to the Po river. The salami is made in Zibello and its surroundings, where the summers are muggy and winters are long, cold and foggy. The secret of Culatello is to be found in this almost unique microclimate. The search for the Culatello Salami will lead you by the hand through these lands, between small agricultural villages, places frequented by the maestro, Giuseppe Verdi and family farms where meats are still handcrafted and recipes handed down from father to son, as it happened once upon a time.