The History of the Hotel

The reopening of Casa Romagnosi following the approval of the "project of recovery and restoration" which intended to rediscover the traditional hotel vocation, marking the past enterprise in what was the birthplace of the jurist Salsese, which endured almost a century, from the beginning of the 1900's up until a few years ago.

In fact, at the beginning of the 1900's the expansion and renovation imposed upon the original architectural structure were all geared towards giving the birthplace of the philosopher, Gian Domenico Romagnosi a hotel identity: it was the northern facade, facing Piazza Berzieri which endured the most significant changes, which were, for the most part orientated towards increasing the building's capacity.

In 1978 the main facade underwent an destructive intervention during which seven unsafe dormer windows which hung over the facade were demolished. Casa Romagnosi was a hotel that worked in the name of discretion and privacy. Despite being in a central position, it enjoyed a tranquility that was usually the prerogative of accommodation in the outer suburbs and the central location was an advantage to customers, who could reach the health spas with just a short walk.

It boasted the rank of a first class home with its 63 rooms and is a building of "significant interest" having been declared a National Monument under the act June 20, 1909, for both its ancient history and for being the birthplace of Romagnosi.

The completely renovated Hotel Casa Romagnosi was inaugurated in December 2005.