Up and down in the greenery

Not just spas. If you seek well-being every day, around Salsomaggiore there are many opportunities for your outdoor holiday. A walk in the woods or some sport, a short hike or a long journey through the wonders of a territory waiting, step by step to be explored. In Salsomaggiore Terme nature and sports are available for everyone, young and old guests alike.


A beautiful network of trails winds around Salsomaggiore which are suitable for those who enjoy cycling. The best way is to rent a mountain bike, wear a safety helmet and choose the most suitable path for your legs. Just getting a few kilometers away from the city centre you can meet even challenging inclines and slopes. Because of the many ups and downs, it is recommended that excursions do not last too long, especially if you are not very fit.

For a trip into nature, we recommend a bike tour in the Stirone National Park, on the border with the province of Piacenza. If you want to combine sport and art, you can reach one of the many surrounding villages and castles by bike.

The closest to Salsomaggiore?
  • Castle Scipione, 3 kilometres
  • Castle Tabiano, 9 kilometres;
  • Castle Vigoleno, 11 kilometres.

In addition to paved roads, for the true bike riders there is a wide choice of dirt roads, ideal destinations for those looking for breathtaking views and challenging workouts.


An 18-hole course cut into the hills of Salsomaggiore, just a little over ten minutes drive from the city centre. The Salsomaggiore Golf & Thermae (tel. 0524 574128) has undulating fairways and fast greens, ideal for all players, experts and beginners. After the game, a well-deserved rest: just enjoy the view or the outdoor pool overlooking a sea of green.


One of the most important herbal collections in Europe opens its doors for you to discover well-being according to nature. The Gavinell Botanical Garden (tel. 0524 578348), only 4 kilometers from the city centre has over 450 species of aromatic and medicinal plants, including rarities. The queen of the garden is the Salsomaggiore white lavender, considered as such for its beauty and importance. The School of Natural Cooking will reveal the secrets of healthy living with the help of medicinal herbs.